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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision, many on the left have resurrected the institution-destroying (and still very unpopular) idea of court-packing, and other "reforms," as they cope with the outcome. One of the leftists pushing these schemes is Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a notorious bigot and member of the so-called "Squad." In a recent viral tweet, Omar lies and distorts repeatedly in an effort to delegitimize the Court and push her extremist "solutions." She's been lying quite a lot about SCOTUS, so this pack of misinformation is, unfortunately, par for the course – though she's rarely if ever in danger of eliciting a warning label or suspension because Big Tech seems to view Lying For The Cause as acceptable, so unscrupulous actors like her continue to do so promiscuously and with impunity: 


A point-by-point response (update -- I addressed this on my show, original post and hyperlinks to evidence  are included below):

(1) The "popular vote" is an irrelevant metric. We don't conduct our presidential elections that way, and candidates design their campaigns accordingly. But since she mentions it, of the six justices in the Dobbs majority, three were appointed (not "confirmed") by presidents who won the popular vote. Thomas was nominated by George H.W. Bush, who won a landslide in 1988, then Roberts and Alito were named by George W. Bush after he won a majority of the 2004 popular vote. And if Omar wants to play stupid games with cherry-picking, I'll note that Justice Breyer (who retires today, and who was in the minority in Dobbs) was picked by Bill Clinton, who never won a majority of the popular vote, and won a lower share of the popular vote than Donald Trump did. So, incidentally, was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Do those irrelevant factoids render Breyer and RBG's judicial rulings or legacies invalid in some way? Or does this nonsense only apply to conservatives? Rhetorical question.


(2) No, four justices didn't "lie under oath," but if that's Ilhan Omar's standard, I invite her to prove her seriousness by starting with demands to remove Justices Kagan and Sotomayor over their similar (non) "lies." I'll wait.

(3) No, two justices are not "credibly accused" of sexual assault. Clarence Thomas' accuser (who alleged harassment, not assault, not that Omar cares at all about factual accuracy) was not found credible by the American people (including Joe Biden!) for good reason, including her changing story and her lies called out by FBI agents involved in the case. There is zero evidence that Brett Kavanaugh ever even met his accuser, whose star witness told the FBI that she was pressured to lie about Kavanaugh in order to hurt him. This "witness" concluded that her friend's accusation was unfounded, the same conclusion reached by the accuser's own father.

(4) No, a Supreme Court seat was not "stolen." The rules were followed, and Republicans held Antonin Scalia's seat open until after the 2016 election based on a standard articulated by...Joe Biden in 1992, then expanded by Chuck Schumer in 2007. Perhaps Ilhan Omar can take the issue up with them.

(5) I'm not sure if Ilhan Omar, of all people, wants to get into a finger-pointing showdown on the issues of guilt by association, or – ahem – spouses. She's a fan of plausible but unproven allegations, after all. 


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