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Assassination Plot: Will the Biden White House Finally Condemn Doxxing Supreme Court Justices?

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

You'll recall that when a left-wing group -- which has been utterly embarrassing itself in the wake of the failed assassination plot against Justice Kavanaugh -- doxxed SCOTUS members, published their addresses online, and orchestrated angry mobs outside their homes, the Biden White House didn't seem terribly concerned about any of that.  Then-Press Secretary Jen Psaki conspicuously declined to condemn any of it from the podium, speaking on behalf of the president, including the doxxing.  She cited "passion" over abortion.  Now that doxxing appears to have been used in an effort to murder one of those justices by someone who admits he was very passionate about abortion.  The facts are not nuanced or subtle:


Why didn't this deranged person, who flew in from California then took a taxi to Kavanaugh's doxxed address, fail to go through with his intricate plan?  The powerful deterrent of good guys with guns, it appears:

The Biden White House has finally deigned to condemn something related to all of this.  The last press secretary wouldn't denounce left-wing agitators publishing justices' home addresses and showing up at said addresses.  Given the events of this week, will the new press secretary muster the willingness to do so, which feels like an absolute bare minimum?  Whether it's heartfelt, or written by someone else for her to read verbatim from her binder, is immaterial.  Will Sen. Chuck Schumer and other Democrats be hounded to comment about ugly threats like this?


Or does the media's (often unfair and demagogic) 'rhetoric' blame game only go in one direction?  Based on some of the elite media reaction, that's mostly a rhetorical question:

I don't blame the White House or Schumer for this murder plot, though I think their words (or lack thereof) were extremely irresponsible.  I try to be consistent about such things, unlike many others.  But at the very least, this demand by Mitch McConnell should be heeded immediately:  


Can Speaker Pelosi be bothered to address this attack on our institutions, or is she only focused on certain (Janaury 6th-related) attacks on our institutions?  I'll leave you with this story.  If multiple crimes and terrorist attacks had been carried out against abortion clinics in the span of a few weeks, with a right-wing group claiming responsibility, do you think it would be a massive national news story?  Because this isn't, oddly:

Authorities in New York launched an arson investigation after a pro-life Christian pregnancy center in Buffalo was allegedly targeted by vandals and lit on fire.  The pro-choice group "Jane’s Revenge" has recently taken credit for other attacks on pro-life organizations, including for the attack on Wisconsin Family Action last month and for throwing red paint on a crisis pregnancy center in Washington, D.C., last week. It is unclear if the group has claimed responsibility for the incident in New York.  Vandals targeted at least five pro-life, crisis pregnancy centers within a week-long span last month following the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion signaling the nation's highest court might overturn Roe v. Wade. 

Imagine being so pro-abortion that you decide to bomb and intimidate those who seek to help women make a choice against having abortions.  And imagine being so fanatical about abortion 'rights' that you downplay or ignore domestic terrorism acts carried out by people who share that fanaticism, while calling yourself a journalist.


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