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Screenshot via The White House

Matt made mention of this yesterday, but I can't help but wonder whether the federal government's creepy 'Disinformation' board will be probing various past statements from Karine Jean-Pierre, the incoming White House Press Secretary.  Jean-Pierre will soon replace MSNBC pundit-in-waiting Jen Psaki, who recently defined part of her legacy by refusing to condemn the unprecedented SCOTUS leak and the subsequent doxxing of justices.  Congressional Democrats and the White House have been playing somewhat frantic catch-up on this front, as the unhinged outrage has escalated -- but Psaki's initial answers, on behalf of the president, signaled a green light to wild excesses.  Quite a performance from the team representing a president who won his election by pledging to restore the country's soul.  And if Psaki views undermining our institutions and the public's faith in our system as part of her job, it may be a seamless transition to her successor:


To be fair to Ms. Jean-Pierre, she is hardly alone in embracing this conspiracy theory for political reasons.  Stacey Abrams refused to concede the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election after she lost by about 55,000 votes, and nearly every major player in the Democratic Party turned her into a folk hero by indulging or embracing her election lies (for a primer debunking Abrams' baseless claims, click through).  As usual, one side's bad behavior is acceptable, ignorable, or even good.  The other side's bad behavior is a threat to democracy itself.  Jean-Pierre repeated a system-undermining lie because that's what her tribe was doing.  It's hard to take this tribe seriously when its members get indignant about the sorts of 'norms and institutions' they go out of their way to viciously attack when their preferred partisan outcomes are not achieved.  In addition to spreading election trutherism about the Georgia election, and smearing AIPAC as "racist," the soon-to-be White House Press Secretary also appears to have suggested that the 2016 presidential election was stolen:


Will journalists press her on these statements when she delivers her first briefing?  Should it matter if the president's top spokesperson is a conspiracy nut (and while we're at it, what about Biden's nominee to the Federal Elections Commission)?  Regardless, I'm sure the Ministry of Truth, or whatever they're calling it, will be all over this dangerous disinformation, right?  After all, it's headed up by this totally stable, scrupulously-nonpartisan straight-shooter:

Biden's Disinfo Czar asserts that Republicans and others who are concerned about CRT and its various tentacles being inculcated into children are "disinformers."  Fascinating.  Perhaps the most insidious and disturbing source of such disinformation?  Reality:

A public elementary school in Washington, D.C., gave children as young as 4 a lesson on "anti-racism" that asked them to identify racist members of their family. According to a Nov. 30 letter from Janney Elementary School Principal Danielle Singh, students in Pre-K through 3rd grade participated in an "Anti-Racism Fight Club" presentation by speaker Doyin Richards...Richards’ "Anti-Racism Fight Club Fistbook for Kids" explains that "white people are a part of a society that benefits them in almost every instance," and that "it’s as if white people walk around with an invisible force field because they hold all of the power in America." "If you are a white person, white privilege is something you were born with and it simply means that your life is not more difficult due to the color of your skin," the "Fistbook for Kids" explains. "Put differently, it’s not your fault for having white privilege, but it is your fault if you choose to ignore it." The "Fistbook for Kids" says anti-racism "isn’t a spectator sport" but requires "being loud, uncomfortable, confrontational and visible to ensure change is made."  A series of questions in the book asks children, "Where do you see racism in yourself? This requires true soul-searching. Be real with yourself, don’t feel guilt/shame and own it. It’s the first step in becoming an anti-racist." Under a section titled, "How to deal with racism from loved ones," the book teaches children that "just because someone is older than you doesn’t mean that they’re right all of the time."

It's time for progressives to once again decide whether this is all a myth that isn't happening, or a good thing that ought to be happening. With CRT, it somehow happens to be both, conveniently.  I wonder if Jean-Pierre has has a view on such things.  You know, I suspect she might:

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