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Watch: Warren Can't Answer Basic Fairness Question About Student Loan 'Forgiveness'

Screenshot via "The View"

This episode of "The View" garnered a fair amount of attention for another exchange featuring right-leaning guest host Lindsey Granger, and we'll return to that moment shortly. But this was a very good question posed by Granger to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, channeling a fairness-driven frustration among many Americans regarding the Democrats' student loan "forgiveness" giveaway. A substantial majority of Americans do not earn college degrees in the first place. Others make sacrifices, like turning down the opportunity to attend prestigious schools because they can't afford the price tag and don't want to fall deep into debt. Another group of people have worked very hard, also making sacrifices along the way, to assiduously pay off their student debt obligations. How is it remotely fair to force any of these Americans to finance the "cancellation" of debts taken on by others? Granger falls into the third category listed above, and she asks where she can go for her reimbursement, under the Democrats' plan. The subtext is, why do I get punished for taking personal responsibility and doing the right thing? 

Warren doesn't really even attempt to answer it: 

Rather than addressing the fundamental point, Warren launches into a rehearsed, unresponsive speech. Perhaps she learned her lesson from the last time she tried and failed to address the substance. This flashback comes courtesy of Katie Pavlich: 

There was no good answer back then, and there is no good answer now. No matter how Democrats try to slice it, this targeted bailout is just profoundly unjust – and it would disproportionately benefit people higher up the economic ladder, who would continue to reap the financial benefits of their degrees that other people would be coerced into paying for. Meanwhile, as mentioned above, another viral moment from Friday's installment of "The View" featured liberal co-host Sunny Hostin declaring that she simply cannot understand Black or Hispanic Americans who are conservatives and vote Republican. This is not the only concept that tends to evade the hosts' understanding on that show, but Democrats might need to start trying to understand the phenomenon a little harder, particularly among Latinos. This professed bafflement sounded familiar to me, as well, as I mentioned on Fox News over the weekend: 

And since we opened this post with a discussion of Sen. Warren, I'll leave you with yet another instance of anti-science, child-harming, left-wing quackery playing still out in the state she represents: 

I'll have more to say about this tomorrow. 


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