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The View’s Sunny Hostin Takes Aim at Black Republicans

The View

Race was once again a hot topic at the table during a recent edition of “The View.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin on Friday accused Black and Latino Republicans of being traitors for their political beliefs, calling them “oxymorons.”


Hostin’s comments came while the panel was discussing the newly appointed White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s conflict of interest since Pierre’s partner works as a commentator for CNN. Hostin was rather quick to dismiss it as a problem, though. 

Co-host Lindsey Granger, a Black Republican, dared to disagree, as she pointed out “we have to be realistic about what happens when you’re in bed with somebody and that’s your partner or your best friend.”

Ana Navarro, another co-host, defended the issue at hand, claiming it is an unrealistic, “novel idea” to expect people working in the media and the government to not be unethical. 

It was when Granger defended her conservative values that Hostin really pounced. While Granger offered to talk about them, Hostin interjected to ask if she identifies as a Republican, which Granger affirmed that she did. 

The scene got particularly heated after Hostin retreated to huffing under her breath, claiming it’s an oxymoron for her to be a Black Republican. She also accused Granger of being a Trump supporter. Oh, the horror. Granger denied she ways. 


Granger fired back by turning towards Hostin, saying she is an oxymoron, as a Catholic who disagrees with abortion on religious grounds, though she still wants abortions to be legal. 

The heated exchange included accusations of how Hostin repeatedly claimed I don't understand either of you,” as she specified “I don't understand Black Republicans and I don't understand Latino Republicans.”

Hostin also slammed Navarro and former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham for supporting the Republican Party while being “complicit” in causing division. Grisham and Navarro are both particularly anti-Trump Republicans, though. 

Following the segment, Republican women chimed in to take issue with Hostin's remarks.


This is not the first time the ladies of “The View” took aim at each other over race. Earlier this year, Hostin discredited Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, saying “he doesn’t represent the black community” 

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