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This entire story, which we covered last week, is not getting nearly enough attention. I realize there's a war on, but this reported American giveaway isn't unrelated to said war. According to sources, the Biden administration is about to hand the Iranian regime a massive victory, in exchange for basically nothing. The Obama administration's infamous nuclear deal, from which the Trump administration rightly withdrew the United States, was fatally flawed. It guaranteed Iran the ability to become a threshold nuclear state, effectively with the West's blessing, in exchange for temporary restrictions. What is coming together in Vienna is said to be far worse on substance. And to add insult to injury, it's Vladimir Putin's cronies who are acting as the go-between between Biden's diplomatic team and the anti-American fanatics from Tehran, who won't speak directly with Americans. Several members of the US delegation have resigned in protest over how lopsided the deal was becoming. If you missed it previously, read through this alarming and important thread from a whistleblower: 


Note the part about cutting Congress out of this process. Having interviewed multiple members of the House and Senate about these developments in recent days, they say they are deliberately being kept in the dark about the specifics. Iran and Russia know what we're evidently preparing to hand away. Our own representatives do not. Even as the US government seeks to isolate Putin's regime as a global pariah, they're allowing "business as usual" to play out on this front. Astoundingly, Team Biden is relying on Russians to represent American interests in advance of shipping billions of dollars to the world's leading terrorism state sponsor, with virtually zero concessions coming in the other direction. Iran would be much richer, some of their worst and most murderous actors would be off the hook, and their illicit weapons programs would receive a major shot in the arm. And they still would become a threshold nuclear-armed state very soon. The Russian who's running this show is openly bragging about how fantastic the agreement would be...for Iran: 


"Iran got much more than it could expect. Much more ... Our Chinese friends were also very efficient and useful as co-negotiators."

That clip is astonishing, from start to finish. And this could all be happening very, very soon

It appears as though this scheme is being designed to allow billions of dollars to flow to Tehran before Congress can do a thing about it. It's completely outrageous. Russia, China and Iran are forming a modern-day axis of evil, and the Biden administration is encouraging it by letting all three members of that axis dictate the terms of an accord that hugely benefits them while hurting us. Indefensible


I'll leave you with Rep. Liz Cheney ripping into the Biden administration over energy policy, as well as the allegedly forthcoming capitulation to Iran: 

With even some Democrats expressing concerns about what they're hearing, congressional Republicans are demanding that any deal with Iran be submitted to the legislative branch for review in advance. 

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