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Joe Biden may be the only person in the country who believes he's 'outperforming' expectations, as he asserted last week.  In fairness, he's not literally the only person willing to say this; a whopping five percent of respondents in the latest NBC News poll agreed.  We've been tracking the president's abysmal polling week, and the hits just keep on coming.  Nationally, Republicans have now bounced out to their largest average 2022 'generic ballot' lead of the cycle.  Remember, the GOP usually does quite well if they're tied or even slightly trailing on this metric.  The average:


And here are some demographic breakdowns from Monmouth, which puts Republicans ahead by eight nationally -- which would mean a bloodbath if it proves anywhere close to accurate when the voting happens:

Indies and men are a real problem for the Democrats in this data.  And don't look now, but that's another national poll pegging Biden's approval below 40 percent.  Some of that is base erosion, which is a disaster for an unpopular president.  He may regain some ground with a likely SCOTUS confirmation victory, and thanks to the reassertion of tribalism ahead of an election, but it's still dangerous territory.  The same Monmouth survey also finds than fewer than 1-in-4 American voters (24%) see passing BBB as a major priority.  The bill should stay dead.  Out in some key battleground states, it's also pretty dreary for POTUS:


New Hampshire has a gubernatorial race and a critical Senate race this cycle, featuring a key GOP pickup opportunity.  And in Georgia, home to last January's disastrous Republican meltdown, a possible resurgence is underway, per two new polls:

I guess the recent demagogic Biden/Harris event in Atlanta, snubbed by Stacey Abrams, didn't do the trick, huh?  With Biden's numbers the way they are in Georgia, Republicans should be in good position to win in 2022 -- unless internal divisions once again lead to lower-than-needed turnout, handing Democrats victories.  One would hope conservatives have learned their lesson in Georgia.  Total unity, even if everyone isn't perfectly thrilled, is what's needed.  Georgia isn't an automatic red state anymore, by any stretch.  Adjust accordingly.  I'll leave you with this:


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