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Democratic Congresswoman: These 'Peaceful' Antifa Protesters Are Simply Trying to 'Safeguard' Portland

Ah, yes.  Come for CNN's anti-Trump (natch), Antifa-sympathetic framing, stay for a Democratic Congresswomen literally calling the group "peaceful" and claiming that they're merely attempting to "safeguard" the city of Portland against far-right interlopers.  This is well and truly beyond parody:


Just look at all this peaceful safeguarding (content warning):  

Meanwhile, over at Buzzfeed, the media's broader effort to downplay and excuse Antifa's thuggery continues apace:

"Manufacturing."  In response to this tweet, I linked to a handful of stories describing Antifa's brutality, none of which had anything to do with Andy Ngo, the journalist and LGBT person of color that Antifa sent to the hospital with a swollen brain.  The stories included Antifa assaulting other journalists, attempting a bombing of a federal facility, beating off-duty Marines in a racial attack, and menacing motorists in the middle of the street, with impunity.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Antifa's program of harassment, doxxing, and violence has been an ongoing and growing threat for years now.  "Manufactured," they tell us.  Meanwhile, this what life in Portland has been reduced to, far too often:


But according to one of America's dimmest bulbs and most shameless bigots, if one opposes any of this, one must be a fascist.  Maybe it's time to demote Captain Obvious:

The media, alas, is complicit in this imbecilic narrative.  I'll leave you with this.  How will the Civility Police treat this charming episode on the Climate of Hate/"incitement" scale?

UPDATE - I addressed the Portland mess on Fox earlier today:


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