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Popcorn: Democrats Just Spent the Weekend Absolutely Torching Each Other on Social Media

Tim covered some of this over the weekend, but there were so many skirmishes in the Democrats' Great Online Battle of 2019 that we have a duty -- a moral obligation, really -- to chronicle it for posterity.  This grudge match was simmering throughout last week, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi derisively downplaying the significance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her 'squad' of lefties.  This prompted angry replies from AOC, who said she found it suspicious that Pelosi was "singling out" a handful of young "women of color."  The race card played, Pelosi told reporters she was just standing up for her moderates, who'd been smeared as neo-confederates by AOC's chief of staff.  


The New York freshman then tried to pretend she hadn't wielded race as a weapon, but suggested that Pelosi was putting Squad members in physical danger by criticizing them. The stage was set for a supernova of furious recriminations on both sides of the battle.  And the salvos flew fast and furious.  In no particular order, here are some of the quotes and insults that flew all weekend, starting with a Congressional Black Caucus member blasting AOC for playing the race card:

An AOC ally then appeared to fire back at several black members siding with Pelosi.  She later denied that she was insinuating any form of race traitorism in a gibberish-filled statement, but the context looks pretty clear:

Were there threats and counter-threats involving primaries?  You bet:


The official House Democrats' twitter account excoriated AOC's chief of staff -- the admirer of a Nazi collaborator who just admitted that the 'Green New Deal' isn't really about the climate, but is a means of economic revolution -- for his accusation that a Democratic member and woman of color was enabling racism:

The left-wing 'Justice Democrats' were irate that the party was savaging one of their allies, pointing out that Speaker Pelosi had urged AOC and friends not to tweet negatively about fellow Democrats, yet the establishment wasn't abiding by the same rules.  A coalition of far-Left groups put out a fiery statement accusing Pelosi and her allies of siding with Republicans against migrants and leveling insults against progressives:


But the progressives have routinely lobbed bombs at the party establishment.  They're squealing now that they're getting hit back -- and pretty hard, at that:

Those last two touched off quite a lot of outrage and umbrage from hardcore lefties -- with prominent figures from across the center-Left weighing in.  Some journalists, upset over seeing their preferred party tearing itself apart, were openly fretting about the ugly feud.  But on and on it went:


I'll leave you with some related wildness at the left-wing Netroots Nation conference, where Ilhan Omar encouraged progressive activists to boo the 220 House Democratic "hypocrites" who voted for the National Defense Authorization bill, while climate crusaders disrupted a DNC-sponsored panel:

That is not a "discussion," DNC official.  Oh, and every single conservative in the country can only chuckle at this 'revelation' from New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd as she bashes AOC's identity politics warfare.  This is how the Left has been operating against its opponents for many years:



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