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Yowza: The Left Continues To Eat Their Own As House Dems Devour AOC's Chief Of Staff On Twitter

Remember reports that President Donald J. Trump slammed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for not understanding loyalty? Cliff Simms, a former White House staffer, said in his book the president told Ryan that the GOP congress was constantly beaten by the Democratic Party because Nancy Pelosi essentially made sure they never publicly fought and remained cohesive. Well, flash forward to 2019 and there is an all-out civil war going in Speaker of the House Pelosi's part that is replete with accusations of racism, sexism, and ageism that leftists typically reserve for hurling at Republicans. Last night may have reached a tipping point after the House Democrats' official Twitter handle defended Congressman Sharice Davids, by screenshotting a seemingly random negative tweet and saying, "Who is this guy and why is he explicitly singling out a Native American woman of color?  Her name is Congresswoman Davids, not Sharice." Well, that guy was Saikat Chakrabarti, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's chief of staff. 


Earlier this week, AOC accused Nancy Pelosi of mistreating her and several of her progressive counterparts. "The persistent singling out got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful .?.?. the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color," she said. As Guy pointed out, "She later clarified that she "absolutely" does not consider Pelosi a racist, of course -- just as Kamala Harris so generously said about Biden, despite implying the opposite." 

These comments, coupled with dozens of more critiques aimed at moderates, forced Pelosi to hold a closed-door meeting with Democrats. She told them if they have a problem with leadership, then they should come speak with her and not tweet it out. "A majority is a fragile thing," she said, according to two meeting-goers who spoke to The Washington Post anonymously. "You make me the target, but don’t make our [moderates] the target in all of this, because we have important fish to fry." 

Well, either somebody did not get the memo or good ol' Nance gave the instruction to stick a knife in AOC"s back. The House Democrats tweet can be seen here: 


As Matt reported, "Saikat Chakrabarti, chief of staff to freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), has a controversial take on today's moderates in the Democratic Party. In a now-deleted tweet, Chakrabarti compared centrist Democrats to old, racist, southern Democrats." 

After deleting those tweets, he sent out a series of other ones defending his position but still saying that he thought moderate Democrats, including minority Democrats, were enabling racism.Well, a few weeks later it seems the Democratic Party had enough of AOC's "misbehavior" and are now punishing her by making her chief of staff politically toxic in the own party. "Keep [clap] Her [clap] Name [clap] Out [clap] Of [clap] Your [clap] Mouth," is the Democratic equivalent of being told to "sit down, shut up, and do as you're told."

Remember her own daughter once said of her mother, "She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding...That’s all you need to know about her." Based on this past week, it looks like Pelosi's latest political victim will be AOC. The primary reason is that it is difficult to have a meaningful majority when that majority is fractured into so many different groups. 


By the way, Chakrabarti has been in the news at other points this week. As Mat reported,  the guy apparently loves Nazi sympathizers:

Oh, and now AOC’s chief of staff is getting in on the Nazi sympathizer game, reportedly wearing a t-shirt of Subhas Chandra Bose. Who is he? Well, The Times of India has a good rundown of the man. He met with Hitler, admired Mussolini, and said that there would have to be a total and ruthless dictatorship for a period of two decades once India is no longer under British rule. And if history tells us anything, if this were to happen, there would have been another 20 years added after that because that’s what dictators do. In 1944, ar Tokyo University, the publication noted that Bose had pretty much become a Nazi, telling students there “should be a synthesis between national socialism and communism.”  

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