And Now, A Brief Word on Moral Relativism, Partisanship, and the Truth...

Posted: Jul 11, 2017 5:15 PM

Some of my readers and social media followers aren't pleased with my analysis of the latest developments on the Russia controversy. That's fine. My job, as I view it, is to report on and analyze American politics, relying on my own moral compass and critical thinking in an imperfect pursuit of intellectually honest and insightful truth. Sometimes, those tools will lead me to different conclusions than some of the people who consume my work. Other times, my core audience will agree with me wholeheartedly. That's the way things go in this business, and I'm entirely at peace with that. But there's been something about the (limited but fierce) backlash to my coverage of the Trump/Russia story that has felt especially grating, so I aired some of those thoughts on Twitter this afternoon. Rather than send you there, I'll bring the thread here for your consideration. I began by linking to my latest analysis, reacting to the release of four Donald Trump, Jr. emails:

Awhile later, I uncorked a more fleshed-out rant:

Whether one concurs with or dissents from my approach, I hope most conservatives will reject safe-space snowflake-ism and continue to pursue work that doesn't perfectly align with their own worldview.  Echo chambers cultivate mindless tribalism and lazy thinking.  If nothing else, the above tweet storm was an effort to be transparent about how I try to ply my trade.  Thank you for reading, and away we go...