Video: MKH Defends SEAL Widow Against 'Trump Exploitation' Criticism

Posted: Mar 02, 2017 10:45 AM
Katie and I both highlighted what was easily the most gripping and memorable portion of President Trump's Congressional address on Tuesday night, in which the president paid tribute to the wife of a Navy SEAL killed during an overseas counter-terrorism operation earlier this year. Carryn Owens fought back tears as (nearly) the entire chamber applauded her late husband's heroism in a prolonged standing ovation. Almost immediately, online critics began attacking the display, accusing Owens of allowing herself to be "used" and "exploited" by Trump for political purposes. The crew at The View  echoed those complaints. In case you missed it, my co-author Mary Katharine Ham, who lost her husband in a tragic accident more than a year ago, responded to this vein of grotesquely misplaced sniping on Twitter:

She then appeared on CNN yesterday and again went to bat for Owens, defending her agency as a grown, grieving woman who made a conscious choice for herself and her family:

MKH followed up on this theme in a more extended segment on the topic later in the day, which I highly recommend watching in its entirety.  At the very end of the segment, when she explained in a very personal way how one can put politics aside and appreciate a moment of humanity -- even if it involves a political figure with whom one strongly disagrees -- by citing President Obama's lovely tribute to her husband's memory.  There is more to life than politics.  The nitpickers who came after Carryn Owens, and the members of Congress who couldn't be bothered to stand for her lengthy ovation, could probably learn a thing or two from both Mary Katharine and Ms. Owens.

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