Video: All the Times Democrats Praised James Comey

Posted: Oct 31, 2016 12:35 PM

Go back and read my post from yesterday for more background on Democrats' transparently partisan and cynical about-face on the professionalism and character of FBI Director James Comey, then settle in and enjoy this epic Washington Free Beacon supercut, with an assist from Meet the Press. Extraordinary hackery on parade:

Elijah Cummings gets extra points for his theatrics over the summer, and Howard Dean also earns an honorable mention, but the trophy for Biggest Hack goes to -- who else? -- outgoing Sen. Harry Reid.  In July, Nevada's least favorite malignant lying enthusiast argued that "no one can question the integrity and competence" of James Comey:

But now that Comey has done something that might hurt his party, Reid is openly suggesting that the FBI Director is guilty of a federal crime:

The Clinton campaign also barked out marching orders for Democrat-leaning DOJ alumni to voice their displeasure with Comey's decision to inform Congress of the reactivated probe, based on new information. Team Clinton wants their lackeys to argue that the FBI should have suppressed this development, keeping voters in the dark -- in accordance with the attempted meddling by President Obama's tainted Attorney General. I'm so old that I can remember when Democrats wailed that these sort of attacks undermine Americans' trust in the rule of law and our institutions. My, how things change:

And wouldn't you know it, dozens of partisans and hangers-on immediately lined up and saluted, led by Obama's previous politicized Attorney General -- who was held in contempt of Congress for his shameful obstruction of active investigations (and whose tenure was marked by a number of apparently perjurious statements):

Faced with an historically unpopular Republican presidential nominee (who is also pulling an abrupt 180 on Comey), Democrats have now been forced into this embarrassing position -- thanks entirely to the conduct of Hillary Clinton and her inner circle. Slow clap:

UPDATE - And the Democrats' unhinged talking point du jour gets blown up by...President Obama?