Video: 'South Park' Does the Debate

Posted: Sep 29, 2016 1:15 PM

One of the themes of the current season of Comedy Central's South Park -- whose anti-political correctness story arch last year was scathingly hilarious -- is the 2016 presidential election. In the fictionalized version, the final choice for voters boils down to orange-painted populist blowhard Mr. Garrison (and his running mate, er, Caitlyn Jenner) running against Hillary Clinton. Colloquially, the campaign pits candidates known respectively as "Giant Douche" and "Turd Sandwich" against each other. Last night's episode brought viewers the hotly-anticipated Douche/Turd debate, at which an increasingly frantic Garrison (campaign pledge to end illegal immigration and terrorism? "F*** them all to death") begs voters to vote against him. "I had no idea I'd get this far, but the fact of the matter is, I should not be president," he pleads, concluding, "please, if you care at all about the future of this country, vote for her."  The slam on Trump is obvious and amusing, but what made me laugh out loud is Hillary's pre-programmed response, her advisors' panicked reaction, and Garrison's furious incredulousness at how awful she is (content warning):

And here's the post-debate Giant Douche rally, at which a packed house cheers louder and louder as an agitated and horrified Garrison implores them to abandon their support for him. No dice. The worse he gets, the more support he attracts, via MRC (double content warning):

As a bonus, this is South Park's musical number ridiculing "safe spaces" from season 19: