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Let's take a brief detour away from America's election cycle to check in on our friends across the pond. In the first parliamentary exchange under her leadership, new British Prime Minister Theresa May ran circles around the radical and reeling leader of her conservative government's decimated left-wing opposition, Jeremy Corbyn. The entire clip is worth your time, if only to watch how comprehensively she dismantled his challenges and attempted barbs. Even if you're not an expert on UK politics, you'll likely enjoy her refutations and ridicule of some universal lefty tropes that Corbyn lobs across the desk. Extremely well done:


On women in politics: "I've long heard the Labour Party asking what the Conservative Party does for women. [Cheers]. It just keep making us Prime Minister."

On racial politics: "It's correct, if you're black, you will be treated more harshly in the criminal justice system. It's exactly why, as Home Secretary, I dealt with the issue of 'stop and search.' I was concerned to make sure that nobody should be stopped and searched on the streets of this country because of the color of their skin. I did that as a conservative. Thirteen years of Labour did nothing on it."

On fiscal responsibility: "[Corbyn] uses the language of 'austerity.' Can I just say this to him? He calls it austerity. I call it living within our means. He talks about austerity. But actually its about not saddling our children and grandchildren with significant debts to come."

On jobs vs. welfare: "We are concerned about [the poor]. But the answer is not the Labour Party's answer of unlimited, uncapped welfare for people. The answer have a strong economy. An economy that delivers jobs...And finally, I'd just say to the right honorable gentleman: The Labour Party may be about to spend several months fighting and tearing itself apart. The Conservative Party will be spending those months bringing this country back together."


The coup de grace came when May parlayed a question about job security into a pointed swipe at Corbyn's tempestuous and failed leadership. The good bit starts one minute into this shortened video. Savage:

Welcome to the new job, Madam Prime Minister. 

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