Shorter Hillary: It's Time For These Republicans and Lyin' Benghazi Families to 'Move On'

Posted: Jun 29, 2016 10:28 AM

Okay, perhaps that's an uncharitably strident headline, but let's face it: "It's time to move on" has been the de facto Democratic Party slogan on Benghazi from the moment the attack took place. They understood the potential political ramifications of a deadly terrorist attack -- including the assassination of a sitting US ambassador -- on the anniversary of 9/11, so they set out to manipulate the public's understanding of the coordinated terrorist raid, casting it as a spontaneous protest gone tragically awry. It was nothing to the sort, which they knew for a fact almost immediately. Clinton mouthed one story in public, while addressing reality with unambiguous clarity in private. Days after the bloodbath, she lied to the victims' grieving families. They specifically recall her repeating the Internet Video fiction, even as contemporaneous evidence proves she knew she was peddling a falsehood:

Having been called out publicly for her dishonesty, Clinton has shamefully slimed those heartbroken relatives as the dishonest parties in all of this.  Slandering good people as liars in an unconvincing effort to save one's own political hide can't be especially edifying experience, even for someone with a shattered moral compass; "it's time to move on" sounds so much less unpleasant, especially if it helps deflect attention away from the smoldering mess of an diplomatic "accomplishment" you hoped would be your legacy.  So we get statements like this:

She says no one has lost more sleep over America's losses in Benghazi than she has -- even though she seems to have  literally slept through at least part of the hours-long ordeal, and told a national audience earlier this year that we "didn't lose a single person" in Libya.  She says that "we owe it" to those who were killed to learn hard lessons from what happened, which is why she set up an independent investigation to "go everywhere" in search of the truth.  That leave-no-rock-unturned panel never interviewed Hillary Clinton, whose chief of staff received an advanced copy of the finalized report and recommended edits and changes.  Clinton was apparently so intent on learning lessons that by the time she left the State Department, a scathing internal agency review found that more than a dozen US diplomatic facilities in global hotspots were still operating with substandard security.  The terrible truth is that our compound in Benghazi was a sitting duck.  It had been the target of two attempted bombings in the lead-up to 9/11, and the stars and stripes were the last Western flag flying in an extremely dangerous city increasingly controlled by jihadists.  Multiple requests for enhanced security were ignored and denied by Hillary's State Department.

After the 'preventable' assassinations, the Obama administration distorted the truth and downplayed the terrorism angle, then sought to marginalize, mock and sanction whistleblowers.  Even as "conspiracies" were confirmed and bombshells were revealed, the White House and Mrs. Clinton's operation maintained a 'nothing to see here' posture, framing attempts to ascertain the truth as mindless partisan witch hunts.  And nearly four years after an attack carried out by dozens of Islamist terrorists, exactly one of them (who'd been identified and interviewed by various news outlets) has been arrested.  He is still awaiting his civilian trial in the United States.  He will not face the death penalty.  Hillary Clinton may be exceedingly eager to "move on" from all of this, but these people probably feel differently -- especially with the woman who failed their loved ones so badly, then turned around and called them liars in striking distance of becoming the next president:

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