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An addendum to yesterday's unsparing column about the ethically bankrupt liar Democrats have crowned as their presidential nominee, based on Leah's post detailing the Clinton campaign's new push to attract anti-Trump Republicans. As a member of the group they're targeting, please allow me to make my answer as clear as possible: No.  Hillary Clinton is a crusading Statist with poor judgment, who utterly lacks the character to be worthy of the presidency.  It also takes a lot of gall to mount a cheap, self-serving maneuver to win over group of people whom you've publicly identified as "enemies," alongside the Iranian regime.  Remember this?


This is the same faux uniter who shamefully compared tens of millions of pro-life Americans to murderous Islamist terrorists:

Now she expects principled conservatives who cannot abide Donald Trump to defect to her column in exchange for a pat on the head and a bumper sticker paid for by her campaign? It's insulting.  CNN's Alisyn Camerota put the 'enemies' question to one of Hillary Clinton's surrogates, who couldn't address the substance of the challenge -- via the Free Beacon:

Parting thought: Ignoring everything else, why would any right-of-center American support a woman who knowingly endangered classified US secrets for four straight years, then repeatedly lied about it? We already had an indication this could be the case, but in order to protect her political ambitions, national security and intelligence experts believe she may have put covert US assets at risk:

An excerpt from the Associated Press report:

The names of CIA personnel could have been compromised not only by hackers who may have penetrated Hillary Clinton's private computer server or the State Department system, but also by the release itself of tens of thousands of her emails, security experts say. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, turned over to the State Department 55,000 emails from her private server that were sent or received when she was secretary of state. Some contained information that has since been deemed classified, and those were redacted for public release with notations for the reason of the censorship. At least 47 of the emails contain the notation "B3 CIA PERS/ORG," which indicates the material referred to CIA personnel or matters related to the agency. And because both Clinton's server and the State Department systems were vulnerable to hacking, the perpetrators could have those original emails, and now the publicly released, redacted versions showing exactly which sections refer to CIA personnel. "Start with the entirely plausible view that foreign intelligence services discovered and rifled Hillary Clinton's server," said Stewart Baker, a Washington lawyer who spent more than three years as an assistant secretary of the Homeland Security Department and is former legal counsel for the National Security Agency.

A Defense Intelligence Agency official, the former acting director of the CIA, and the former Secretary of Defense have all stated that hostile governments accessing Hillary's unsecure server wasn't just "entirely plausible," but highly likely.  To borrow a phrase, Hillary Clinton is manifestly unfit for command.

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