Video: Feisty Debate With Democratic Operative Over Hillary Email Scandal

Posted: May 27, 2016 10:45 AM

I joined Fox News' Gretchen Carlson yesterday afternoon to discuss Donald Trump's official clinching of the Republican nomination, and to debate the latest developments in Hillary Clinton's national security-endangering email scandal. In the first part of the segment, I reiterated that while I do not intend to vote for Trump personally, Republican voters have spoken. In response from Democratic strategist Bernard Whitman's attempt to bait me into supporting Hillary, I slapped that down in no uncertain terms, before pivoting to Hillary's email scheme. Via Right Sightings:

"I applaud Bernard for trying, but there's no spinning those facts."

Whitman leans heavily on the specious "other Secretaries of State did it too" argument, which we've addressed and refuted in depth. He also echoes the campaign by trying to pin this on Republican desperation, which is transparent nonsense, considering that the report was authored by an independent watchdog appointed by President Obama and unanimously confirmed by a Democrat-controlled Senate.  In fairness to Whitman, there aren't many good arguments to make in Hillary's defense here, which is why her spokesman struggled at length on CNN to explain why his boss had refused to cooperate with the Inspector General probe -- while constantly claiming that she's been fully cooperative and historically transparent, or whatever:

Eventually, Fallon casts utterly baseless aspersions on the integrity of the IG: "There were questions raised about this office during the course of its investigation. There were reports about individuals in this office coming forward and suggesting that there were hints of an anti-Clinton bias inside that office."  The Clinton camp also attempted to besmirch the intelligence community IG (another Obama appointee, confirmed by Democrats) when that office was telling inconvenient truths about her unconscionable conduct.  Groundless, preposterous smears are all they have.  And laughable, incoherent excuses:

Pure rubbish.  Mrs. 'Fully Cooperative' and her top staff stonewalled the State Department's IG because she was talking about the scandal publicly?  That makes no sense.  Plus, much of what she's been saying for "many, many months" has been proven false, including by key elements within the report she hampered.  I'll leave you with NBC's Andrea Mitchell referring to the IG's findings as "devastating," in a very tough Morning Joe segment, and a screen grab that speaks for itself: