Fox News Poll: Cruz and Kasich Lead Hillary, Trump Down Double Digits

Posted: Mar 24, 2016 10:05 AM

Fresh polling from Fox News confirms an emerging trend: While his GOP rivals poll competitively or ahead of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump consistently trails her by a substantial margin. The new national survey shows Ohio Governor John Kasich -- who has no mathematical path to the nomination -- leading Clinton by a whopping 11 points (51/40), with Texas Senator Ted Cruz edging the former Secretary of State by three points (47/44). By contrast, controversial real estate tycoon Donald Trump trails Clinton by 11 points (38/49). Roughly half of registered voters say they'd be "scared" Trump wins the White House. He is the only candidate in whom a majority of voters lack confidence to fill the current Supreme Court vacancy, and he even manages to score worse on honesty and trustworthiness (-32) than habitual liar Hillary Clinton (-30). Ironically, Ted Cruz, whom Trump taunts as "lyin' Ted," scores a (+2) on this metric. Here's a look at each candidate's standing on overall favorability among registered voters:

These stats about each party's frontrunner more or less conform to the latest CBS/NYT survey, which pegged Hillary Clinton's favorable score at an ugly (-21), and Trump's at a significantly uglier (-33). On the GOP side, Trump remains the frontrunner in Fox's poll, although his margin has tightened considerably:

Hillary Clinton has reversed her fortunes from this series' February installment and has surged to a 13-point lead over Socialist Bernie Sanders among Democratic voters. Meanwhile, a new Quinnipiac poll affirms that Trump fares worst against Hillary, down six points in a hypothetical general election contest, compared to Cruz's three-point deficit and Katich's eight-point lead. Clinton's (-17) favorability rating is "beaten" only by Trump's (-28). Just over four-in-ten voters say they'd never vote for Mrs. Clinton in November, a number that swells to a 54 percent majority regarding Mr. Trump. I'll leave you with this:

UPDATE - Here's another.  Anyone else spotting a pattern?

Trump trails Hillary by 18 points in this survey.  Cough: