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Video: Hillary Spokeswoman Rambles Incoherently About Email Scandal

This clip is a few days old now, but still worth highlighting because it underscores the quandary in which Team Hillary finds itself. When Mrs. Clinton was grilled about her reckless email scheme on Meet the Press this week, a group of campaign aides and confidantes published coordinated tweets declaring the email scandal a dead issue:


Here's the thing: Mrs. Clinton has been asked a number of questions about her impropernational security-compromising email scheme over a span of months.  The problem for her is that her answers keep changing as previous responses are exposed as lies.  "Time to move on" is a desperate plea from a beleaguered political campaign that is tired of fielding questions to which there are no good, plausible responses. Having asserted that all email scandal-related inquires had all been thoroughly exhausted, Clinton spokeswoman and former MSNBC host Karen Finney appeared on CNN this week, where host Jake Tapper promptly peppered her with...a string of email questions.  Right out of the gate, Finney was confronted with a punishing montage of her boss' shifting assignments of responsibility regarding the email review process:

Her first, harried answer is a barely-coherent word salad of unconvincing spin and deflection.  The reality is that when Hillary was trying and failing to adopt a proactive, buck-stops-here posture several weeks ago, she cast herself as the ultimate decider.  
She took charge.  She set this right, overseeing an exhaustive process. Now that it has once again been proven that Hillary's camp did not turn over all work-related emails as previously claimed (including in a sworn statement to a federal judge), suddenly the lawyers undertook this process, with virtually no hands-on supervision or input from the presidential candidate.  Mrs. Clinton says she can't explain these omissions, pleading technological ignorance.  Tapper also torpedoes Finney's claim that the Clinton camp has fully cooperated with the investigation of its own volition, noting that Hillary only surrendered her server after the Federal Bureau of Investigation more or less demanded it.  She had previously declined to turn it over to anyone, averring that it would "remain private."  Perhaps she was fearful that investigators would be good at their jobs.  At the tail end of the conversation, Tapper presses Finney on Hillary's tale that she set up her private, unsecure server in order to facilitate the "convenience" of carrying a single mobile device.  After being subjected to a clip of Mrs. Clinton listing the four devices she carries, Finney unleashes a barrage of dissembling, misleading gibberish: She suggests that the other devices came later and weren't used for official emails (provably false
), and pretends that Clinton used a 'dot-gov' account for sensitive emails over her government-issued Blackberry.  But Hillary exclusively used her private email account, for work and personal correspondence.  And she was never issued a secure device by the State Department.  Plus, her timeline of when she established and began using her private account has also gone up in smoke.  A recent Fox News poll shows that a substantial majority of voters believe Mrs. Clinton is lying about her emails, including nearly one-third of Democrats.  And Quinnipiac's trustworthiness numbers are gruesome:

Hillary's favorability numbers are also ugly, with the Democratic primary contest closing to a single-digit spread.  No wonder the Draft Biden movement is ramping up, as rumors of his impending entry swirl.

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