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MSNBC's Morning Joe welcomed Mary Katharine and me on-set today for a lengthy conversation about our new book, End of Discussion. Given our -- shall we say -- less than glowing assessment of the network in the book, we weren't quite sure how we'd be received. Judge for yourself, but we thought the panel agreed with our central thesis and were quite 
welcoming and gracious:

Scarborough was clearly on board, and Willie Geist thoroughly endorsed our premise as it pertains to the prevailing winds in academia. Mika, unsurprisingly, was the most skeptical segment participant, challenging us on whether the Right contributes to America's toxic Outrage Industry culture, as well. As we noted, it was a fair question, and one we anticipated. She seemed fairly satisfied with our answer. I'll leave you with another programming note: MKH and I will be guest-hosting the nationally-syndicated Hugh Hewitt radio show this evening from 6-9 pm ET. We hope you'll tune in!

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