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Hillary Camp to Media: 'Her Speech Will Be Her Interview'

As I said on Monday, there's no reason to glom onto phony alleged manifestations of Hillary's tone-deaf insularity. She and her team will mint those all on her own. Here's a genuine memo to the press from Queen Pro Quo's campaign, regarding her upcoming remarks on voting rights:


According to the Washington Post's running clock -- which exists because of her extraordinary inaccessibility to the news media, despite being an active candidate for the presidency -- Hillary Clinton hasn't entertained a single question from a reporter since the early afternoon of May 22.  Twelve days and counting.  Based on the missive above, "NO opportunities" for questions at today's Texas event, where journalists are to remain behind the barricades and use only their designated rest room.  Special kudos for whomever penned the, "her speech will be her interview" line, a delightfully Orwellian formulation.  Mrs. Clinton will recite a pre-written speech -- which shall suffice as her "answers" to whatever questions you might have.  And you'll report it.  And you'll like it.  Given Hillary's preference for sloganeering on Twitter and apparent allergy to fielding real questions, especially of the follow-up variety, I offered a new slogan for the Clinton camp's media strategy:

Incidentally, Clinton is planning to 
lay into the GOP's support for "voting restrictions," such as voter ID laws.  Dan wrote about a new poll showing overwhelming support for such measures among the American people yesterday; it's the latest in a long string of similar results from various pollsters.  One might be interested to hear how Hillary might respond if challenged with data demonstrating that three-fourths of the American people disagree with her on this subject; alas, her speech will be her interview.  I'll leave you with a Hillary pollster and adviser sitting in awkward silence after CNN's Wolf Blitzer asks him to prevail upon his boss to conduct a "full scale interview" on the network:

Two public opinion surveys released this week show Hillary Clinton's favorability underwater among Americans, a dramatic downturn from the high marks she garnered while at the State Department.


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