Awful: Cancer Patient Discovers Recent Surgery Wasn't Covered Under Obamacare Plan

Posted: Mar 06, 2014 9:56 AM

This poor gentleman is from New Jersey, so I'm half expecting Senators Menendez and Booker to join Harry Reid in calling for a full-scale federal investigation into his story. Unless and until every picayune detail of his account is verified and fully documented, he risks being defamed as a dirty liar and/or Koch operative by the Left. There are, as we've learned, serious consequences for daring to relay your Obamacare nightmare to the public. I give you Fred Rosamilia, via the Free Beacon:

A New York man battling cancer was notified after his surgery that his Obamacare insurance does not cover his doctors’ bills and is now struggling to pay them. Fred Rosamilia and his wife Lynne enrolled in the most expensive Horizon plan in the Obamacare system because they wanted their copays to be low. They pay $800 a month for gold Horizon BlueCross BlueShield plan. It was chosen specifically with Fred’s cancer doctors in mind. The Rosamilia’s told Fred’s doctors that they had enrolled in the new plan. They were met with positive reactions from the doctors. The doctors told them that it was a great plan and that they accepted it. After his surgery, the Rosamilia’s received their bills and were disappointed to find that their insurance company had only covered lower costing, high co-pay procedures.

They went out of their way to enroll in this high-premium plan to avoid high out-of-pocket costs and to maintain access to Fred's preferred specialists. They did so through Obamacare, and were assured they were in good shape. Then came the surgery and the horrible shock that their specific Obamacare plan didn't cover his treatment. The insurer has allowed the Rosamilias to switch to the "silver" plan, but the couple is still staring at thousands of dollars in medical bills from that two-month gap. Because of Obamacare's logistical failures, this cancer patient and his wife are expected to fend for themselves and are grappling with the possibility of medical bankruptcy. I'll leave you with Greta Van Susteren grilling Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) over Harry Reid's pattern of smearing people on the Senate floor (actual quote from this week: "Republicans are addicted to Koch"):

Joining the lefty chorus denouncing single mother and leukemia patient Julie Boonstra's story as untrue, Murphy gets the details wrong. Boonstra never claimed that she couldn't keep her doctor in the ad, nor did she say that her premiums were higher. She correctly stated that her plan was cancelled (a huge broken promise) and her new arrangement's out-of-pocket costs were unaffordable for her. Neither of those statements are false, yet Democrats are still raising her AFP spot as an source of anti-Obamacare misinformation. Murphy did concede that some people are having bad experiences, but quickly added that negative situations arose under the old system, too. That's a far cry from Democrats' Obamacare sales pitch. The point of Obamacare, they told us, was to put an end to insurance company "abuse," to protect people with pre-existing conditions like Boonstra and Rosamilia, and to lower everyone's costs -- all while permitting insured people to keep the plans and doctors they preferred. "Hey, the old system sucked for a lot of people, too" is egregious revisionism and a losing message.

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