Video: Despite "Misconceptions," Obamacare Premiums on the Rise

Posted: Aug 01, 2013 5:42 PM

As far as I can recall, only two states have attempted to claim that individual market premiums are headed south thanks to Obamacare: New York and California.  Follow those links for a more complete picture.  Every other state I've seen has projected spikes -- some as high as triple digits.  These analyses have come from blue states like Maryland and Rhode Island, purple states like Ohio and Virginia, and red states like Georgia and Indiana.  As we've reported, the upward trend will hit Florida's insurance market, too, as explained in this local news report out of Tallahassee:

Note well the state insurance commissioner tamping down expectations by dispelling "a lot of misconception...that somehow the rates were going to go down under the Affordable Care Act."  Yes, how on earth did such fantastical misconceptions take root?  What an impossible riddle.  Perhaps this man had something to do with it:

I'll leave you with three Obamacare-related stories: (1) The head of the IRS, like his agency's union, is saying "thanks, but no thanks" to enrolling in Obamacare, which the IRS will enforce:

(2) Private sector workers' hours are being slashed in Wisconsin(3) Public sector workers' hours are being slashed in Florida.

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