Video: Elective Third-Trimester Abortions With Infamous 'Doctor' Leroy Carhart

Posted: May 08, 2013 8:07 AM

Unlike previous episodes, the latest undercover video from Live Action isn't disturbing because of the illegal conduct it exposes.  It's unsettling because everything discussed between the abortionist and the woman posing as a prospective patient is legal.  Leroy Carhart -- one of just four American abortionists who openly advertise their willingness to commit third-trimester abortions -- tells the "patient" that he'd have to perform her elective abortion at 26 weeks (6.5 months) in Maryland because Nebraska law won't allow it.  He acknowledges that the child is likely viable outside the womb at that stage of pregnancy (see the image at 5:42), and he knows the abortion would be "purely elective."  Full speed ahead, as long as the "termination" occurs in the correct jurisdiction:

I'm struck by (a) the casual and cavalier nature with which Carhart describes his work (the "crock pot" analogy is heinous), and (b) his explicit warning not to call 911 in the midst of a premature delivery, lest the baby be saved by medical professionals.  Several other Live Action investigative targets have issued similar admonitions to their clients.  Killing is abortionists' exclusive province; other medical professionals value life too much to be trusted around unwanted babies, in their view.  The video also includes news clips about the death of a young woman who underwent a botched late-term abortion at Carhart's Maryland practice.  Carhart assures Live Action's undercover investigator that the woman in question's death was not caused by complications related to the abortion procedure.  "Everything from the abortion went fine," he says. That assertion is directly contradicted by the news story at the end of the video:  "It turns out that complications from a late term abortion did cause the death of a New Rochelle woman...the clinic and the doctor who performed the procedure are now being investigated," the anchor reports.  He also makes medically dubious claims about how post-abortion depression doesn't exist, stating that women who undergo abortions always feel better afterwards.  Leroy Carhart, incidentally, is the abortionist who repeatedly sued to overturn Congressional bans on a particularly gruesome form of abortion.  "Partial-birth" abortion is as grisly as it sounds, yet Carhart went to court to maintain his "right" to employ it.  He finally lost in 2003, but it appears he's improvised ever since, finding other ways to kill viable unborn children.  Second and third term abortions are his life's work.

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