Photos: Thousands of Empty Seats at Obama-Springsteen-Jay-Z Rally in Ohio

Posted: Nov 06, 2012 2:23 PM

How things will shake out tonight remains a total mystery, but it is undeniable that the president's campaign is limping toward the finish line.  In addition to the gaping 2004/2012 Springsteen disparity in Wisconsin, check out these photos from Columbus, Ohio last night.  These images were snapped at a rally featuring President Obama, superstar rapper Jay-Z, and rock legend Bruce Springsteen (via Big Government):

The coolest president ever + two legitimate A-list celebrities + a huge college town = empty seats?  Hmm.  Meanwhile, an estimated 14,000 New Hampshire voters rallied in Manchester for Mitt Romney last night, and thousands of additional would-be attendees were turned away at the door:


Thousands of people gathered at the Verizon Wireless Arena to see Mitt Romney last night. The energized crowd was estimated to be between 13,000 and 15,000 with a few thousand unable to get in the doors. It was a late rally, with doors opening at 7:30; the rally itself not starting until 9:30 and Mitt Romney not appearing until 11pm.

Mittmentum is in the air, but will it be enough to overcome a massive voter turnout machine and dislodge an incumbent president?  Stay tuned.

UPDATE - Jay-Z was keepin' things classy.

UPDATE II - Just watch the first two minutes of this clip: