Desperation: Team Obama Resorts to More Lies, Hypocrisy

Guy Benson
Posted: Oct 19, 2012 9:43 AM

Yesterday was a rough day for the president's re-election team, and one gets the sense that Democrats are beginning to resort to a "kitchen sink" strategy to tear down Mitt Romney.  Last week was Big Bird.  This week, we've had the false Paul Ryan smear job, followed by the sub-moronic "bindergate" talking point.  They'll try anything at this stage, so why not fire up the flagrant hypocrisy machine, and toss in some deliberately deceitful fear-mongering for good measure?  Let's begin with the hypocrisy.  The clip below features Barack Obama campaigning in New Hampshire, mocking Romney for the lack of specific details in his tax plan.  Those comments are immediately juxtaposed with the president talking about the timing of his fiscal commission's recommendations:

I've written previously that it would be nice for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to release a whole slew of details on the tax proposals, including which deductions they plan to eliminate or limit, and for whom.  Politically, though, I understand why they're pushing those specifics past the election and emphasizing the importance of negotiations with Congress.  Obama and company have already knowingly lied their asses off about Romney's plan, so why give them more ammunition?  When you're dealing with bad faith actors, giving in to their demands is pure folly.  But President Obama knows all about the timing of controversial, sweeping proposals, doesn't he?  He spells it out in the back end of this video.  What's ironic is that Romney's plan incorporates several major elements of the president's fiscal commission (closing loopholes and deductions to broaden the base, while lowering rates across the board), while the president shelved his own panel's recommendations.  And while Obama's yucking it up about concealing secret plans until after an election, maybe someone should remind him of the hot-mic message he wanted transmitted to Vladimir.  Moving on to the latest round of lies.  Here's the Obama campaign's new abortion-related ad:

As Buzzfeed notes, this spot "edits out the context" of Romney's remarks.  He followed up his "delighted" comment by adding, "but that's not where we are today.  That's not where America is."  Indeed, though most Americans are pro-life and support common-sense restrictions on abortion, large majorities support legal abortion in limited circumstances.  Mitt Romney's position reflects that reality.  He's affirmed over and over again that he will be a pro-life president, but would not oppose the option of abortion in cases of rape, incest, and if the mother's life is at risk.  The Obama camp has lied about this before, and they've been called out even by the likes of left-leaning Politifact, which awarded them a "pants on fire" rating.  For numerous reasons, Barack Obama is the abortion extremist in this race.  He supports late term abortion on demand at taxpayer expense, and it manages to get worse from there.  Make no mistake: The Obama campaign is trying to scare women by intentionally mischaracterizing Mitt Romney's abortion stance.  And don't forget about those terrifying binders.