Romney Ad on Biden's 'Buried' Gaffe: "We Couldn't Agree More"

Posted: Oct 03, 2012 1:28 PM

Michael Kinsley's oft-invoked definition of a gaffe is when a politician inadvertently reveals the truth.  To say that Joe Biden is gaffe-prone is an understatement, but he really stepped in it yesterday.  The Romney campaign has already released a web ad showing the Vice President reinforcing the Republican ticket's indictment of President Obama's middle-class-burying policies.  Quick turnaround:

At a rally in Iowa yesterday afternoon, Paul Ryan made the easy steal, sprinted down the floor, and laid it in:

The Romney campaign is hosting press calls in ten swing states today to hammer away at this message.  American remains in the teeth of the weakest 'recovery' since the Great Depression, with slowing growth and stagnant unemployment.  Via the campaign, here are a handful of stats that bolster their Biden's assessment of the last four years.  Buried:

The Middle Class Has Been “Buried” Under $16 Trillion In Debt – An Increase Of $5.4 Trillion Under President Obama. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 10/2/12)

The Middle Class Been “Buried” Under 43 Straight Months Of Unemployment Above 8%, While More Than 23 Million Americans Are Unemployed, Underemployed, Or Have Stopped Looking For Work. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, 10/2/12)

The Middle Class Has Been “Buried” Under Falling Incomes That Have Declined More Than $4,500 Since President Obama Took Office (“Household Income Down 8.2 Percent Since Obama Took Office, Study Shows,” Fox News, 9/26/12)

Middle-Class Families Have Been “Buried” Under Gas Prices That Have More Than Doubled From $1.85 Per Gallon To $3.80 Per Gallon. (U.S. Energy Information Agency, 10/2/12)

Middle-Class Families Have Been “Buried” Under The Rising Cost Of College – Which Has Increased By 25% At Four-Year Public Schools Across The Country. (“Trends In College Pricing,” College Board, 2011)

Middle-Class Families Have Been “Buried” Under Skyrocketing Health Care Premiums That Have Increased From $12,680 To $15,745 – An Average Increase Of Over $3,000 Per Family. (“Employer Health Benefits, 2012 Annual Survey, Exhibit 6.4” The Kaiser Family Foundation, 2012)

American Enterprise Institute Has Calculated That The Annual Cost Of President Obama’s Current And Looming Debt Burden Amounts To $4,000 Per Year In Higher Taxes On The Middle Class. (James Pethokoukis, “Study: Obama’s Big Budget Deficits Could Mean A $4,000 A Year Middle-Class Tax Hike,” American Enterprise Institute, 10/2/12)

President Obama’s Tax Hikes Would Subject Small-Business Owners To Higher Taxes And Would Jeopardize 710,000 Jobs. (J.D. Harrison, “Obama Plan To Lift Top Tax Rates Would Plague Millions Of Small Businesses, Study Warns,” The Washington Post, 7/17/12)

Under President Obama’s Policies, The National Debt Is Projected To Surpass $20 Trillion By The End Of 2016 – An Increase Of More Than $4 Trillion In New Debt. (“Fiscal Year 2013 Mid-Session Review: Budget Of The U.S. Government,” Office Of Management And Budget, 7/27/12)

Gosh, I wonder if Mitt Romney might underscore any of these numbers during tonight's debate.  How is Team Obama responding to Biden's major error?  Robert Gibbs: Blame Bush! Stephanie Cutter: We're not blaming Bush!  Real smooth, guys.

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