Biden in Virginia Speech: 'With You, We Can Win North Carolina Again!'

Posted: Aug 14, 2012 1:18 PM

As Mitt Romney's running mate dominates the national spotlight, Barack Obama's Vice President is at it againOh, Joe:

It's a silly mistake, but three superficial reactions: (1) Is Biden making the case for voter ID laws? (2) Remember when Democrats used the word "erratic" to imply that John McCain was senile? (3) The crowd cheered anyway.

UPDATE - Jeez, the buffoonery wasn't over.  Democrats often accuse conservatives of engaging in "racial dog whistles" based on little or nothing.  How would they describe "they're gonna put y'all back in chains," bellowed by the Vice President in a heavily African-American community?  Outrageous.  See Katie's post for video.