Heh: Obama Struggles In Two Democratic Primaries

Guy Benson
Posted: May 23, 2012 8:45 AM

The good news?  The One wasn't shown up by a convicted felon this time around.  The bad news?  He still failed to secure supermajorities in a pair of virtually uncontested presidential primaries last night.  In Kentucky, Obama won only 58 percent of Democrats, with 42 percent of his party's voters casting ballots for "uncommitted" over a sitting president.  In Arkansas, an obscure attorney took a similar share of the primary vote from Obama.  But as the Washington Post will tell you, a massacre perpetrated by a Mormon militia in 1857 might be "problematic" for Mitt Romney down in Razorback country this fall.  Or something.  As fun as these symbolic anti-Obama tallies may be, I'm not sure how predictive they are in looking ahead to November.  I suppose I wouldn't want to be a Democrat down-ticket from Obama in either of these states, although his humiliation in West Virginia a few weeks back probably won't prevent his lapdog Sen. Joe Manchin from winning re-election on the same day the state goes heavily for Romney. 

Speaking of Romney, he inched ever closer to the magic nomination number on Tuesday, pulling within 89 delegates of hitting the requisite 1,144 mark.  He'll probably clinch things officially in the Texas primary next week.  One item of note from the GOP side of things: The former Massachusetts Governor carried 67 percent of the primary vote in Kentucky.  Rep. Ron Paul barely attracted 12 percent.  But because Paul stopped actively campaigning a few weeks ago, it's less of a story that he got smashed in the state his son, Rand Paul, represents in the US Senate.  As he cruised to a duo of primary victories, Romney made a lucrative fundraising swing in New York, and is expected to pull in millions more later this week at Boston-area events.