Great: US Will Pay More for Canadian Oil Due To Keystone Decision

Posted: Apr 04, 2012 2:01 PM

Ideological decisions have consequences (via Hot Air):

Even if President Barack Obama approved the controversial Keystone XL pipeline tomorrow, at least some Canadian oil would still flow to Asia, according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In an interview...Harper said Obama's rejection of the controversial pipeline -- even temporarily -- stressed Canada's need to find other buyers for oilsands crude. And that wouldn't change even if the president's mind did.

"Look, the very fact that a 'no' could even be said underscores to our country that we must diversify our energy export markets," Harper told Harman in front of a live audience of businesspeople, scholars, diplomats, and journalists. "We cannot be, as a country, in a situation where our one and, in many cases, only energy partner could say no to our energy products. We just cannot be in that position."  Harper also told Harman that Canada has been selling its oil to the United States at a discounted price. So not only will America be able to buy less Canadian oil even if Keystone is eventually approved, the U.S. will also have to pay more for it because the market for oilsands crude will be more competitive. "We have taken a significant price hit by virtue of the fact that we are a captive supplier and that just does not make sense in terms of the broader interests of the Canadian economy," Harper said.

Heckuva job, Mr. President.  Not only does your Lefty dogma deny American workers 20,000 jobs and increase our reliance on hostile foreign oil-producing nations, it will also end up jacking up energy costs even higher for US consumers, while needlessly alienating a close ally.  Remember, you personally lobbied to kill this thing, and no amount of face-saving misdirection can change that fact.  Smart power.  Say, what was your Vice President just saying about your administration's energy policies, again?

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