Photo: Barney Frank Not Even Trying Anymore

Posted: Dec 19, 2011 5:50 PM

Dude, you're not retired yet:

It doesn't appear that there is a formal dress code for the House of Representatives, but I did stumble across this list of attire-related guidelines on House Democrats' official rules website:

Dress Code: Members should dress appropriately which has traditionally been considered to include a coat and tie for male Members and appropriate attire for female Members. Members should not wear overcoats or hats on the Floor while the House is in session. There is no eating, drinking, or smoking is permitted. The use of personal electronic equipment, including cellular telephones and laptop computers, is banned on the Floor of the House (clause 5 of Rule XVII).

But hey, Barney's never let rules get in his way (I'm fairly certain it's illegal to have a prositution ring run out of one's apartment in Massachusetts, for instance), so why should anyone be surprised by this spectacle?  Mediaite has video of Frank's, um, perky speech.  Watch if you dare: