Video: MSNBC Compares Romney Campaign to KKK, Matthews Apologizes

Posted: Dec 14, 2011 10:15 PM

This anti-Republican smear job was particularly vile, even by MSNBC's notorious standards:

No, you didn't miss anything.  There was no "news" included in that "report."  It was merely a specious, nasty observation of a meaningless coincidence, the goal of which was to tie an Obama opponent to an infamous racist organization.  Executives at NBC News, whose brand takes a regular beating on its cable news subsidiary, were reportedly livid over the incident:

An NBC insider tells Mediaite that NBC News President Steve Capus addressed this story this morning at an editorial meeting, and stressed the need for accuracy, fairness, and caution before proceeding. Capus is reportedly furious at the way the story was handled, and MSNBC is in the process of apologizing to the Romney campaign.

Chris Matthews apologized to the Romney campaign on Hardball:

The apology was appropriate and very much in order.  MSNBC has almost no credibility with conservatives, but it's at least attempting to cling to a few strands of basic decency.  A few.  Incidentally, the Lefty blog from which this item was plucked framed the KKK comparison this way:

In an era in which it’s apparently okay for Republicans to accuse President Obama of being a socialist, I guess we now need to ask if Mitt Romney is a Ku Klux Klansman.  Not whether Romney inadvertently is using the KKK’s number one slogan from the 1920s on the stump, no, the Republicans would say, if this were a Democrat, that clearly the candidate was a closet member of the KKK.  So, is Mitt Romney a closet member of the KKK?

How stupid.  There is significant evidence that Barack Obama has agitated for socialist organizations, embraces socialistic programs and holds a distinctly collectivist, redistributive worldview.  Can this blog produce a scintilla of evidence that Romney is a closet Klansman?  Of course not.  But brace yourselves for 11 more months of this garbage from the Left, regardless of who prevails in the GOP primary.