Video: 'Occupy Atlanta' Silences Rep. John Lewis Via Jazz Hands

Posted: Oct 09, 2011 4:18 PM

Having watched this clip all the way through several times, I still can't stop chuckling.  Here's a quick primer to prepare you for what you're about to see:  The video -- taken yesterday afternoon -- begins as civil rights pioneer Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) arrives at #OccupyAtlanta, hoping to express solidarity and articulate his support with some brief remarks.  Unfortunately for him, the Congressman is totally unacquainted with the gathering's "rules," which make the US Senate look like a model of brisk efficiency.  The group's "leader" (the hippie with the bullhorn) speaks in three-second intervals so the rest of the assembled group can chant his partial sentences back at him.  They're speaking with "one voice," you see.  In order to build a consensus, they "debate" whether Lewis should be permitted to speak, or if the program should continue as planned.  This quasi-vote is taken through a juvenile system of silent finger-wiggling (yes, really).  The consensus shifts several times before the group settles on a conclusion: Lewis is not any more valuable than any other human being, and his request to speak is therefore denied.  This decision prompts an angry outburst from Lewis supporters, who immediately earn angry jazz hands of scorn for chanting out of turn.  This is seriously beyond parody:

The look on Lewis' face throughout these, um, "deliberations" is absolutely priceless.  When his speaking opportunity is ultimately nixed, he just wanders off in a confused daze.  Isn't the Left awesome, Congressman?  The cringe-worthy preciousness and feel-goodery of the entire episode evokes a dystopic kindergarten setting, in which every child and teacher has equal say in everything.  If it weren't so laugh-out-loud pathetic, I think this video represents a snapshot of my own personal hell. 

I'll leave you with the latest edit to "The People's Document," which is this incoherent movement's non-binding manifesto, of sorts.  It seems they've hit on a new plan for how to run the country and distribute wealth "fairly."  The good news?  They (for the moment) want to eliminate all taxes except for a universal four-percent sales tax.  The bad news?  They want to mandate maximum salaries for everyone.  Their scheme pegs a doctor's top income at $28,000 -- $500 less than "public servant" salaries:

New Salary Range Recommendations

Based on Concepts of Economic Sustainability and Right Livelihood

Bankers $20,000
Lawyers $27,500
Realtors $25,000
Doctors $28,000
Nurses $27,500
Teachers/Librarians/Train Engineers/Bridge Maintenance/Ship Pilots, etc. $35,000
Police $36,000
Public Servants $28,500
Laborers $20,000
Other public sector $30,000
Other private sector $29,000
Technical/Research/Academic $36,000
Entrepreneurs/Business Owners $10,000 (i.e., tax breaks for corps)
Congress $30,000
President 40,000
Soldiers N/A
Defense workers $25,000

All jobs include full health benefit for worker and family, full retirement benefits, full free education for children.

Taxation - to run the government
The only tax will be a sales tax for all goods and services, which will be fixed at: 4%.

UPDATE: The Washington Times' Kerry Picket emails to inform me that "Jazz Hands democracy" was also on display in New York this weekend. Terrific.