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Video: Debating Tea Party "Terrorists"

Over the weekend, I appeared on PJTV's Reform School with James Poulous.  The topic was a familiar one to Townhall readers: The Left's galling "terrorist" slander against the Tea Party movement, vis-a-vis the debt debate.  I was paired with Alyona Minkovski, who hosts a hard-left television program on the Moscow-funded network, Russia Today.   The chat was amiable enough, but be sure to note Alyona's shifty talking points:  First, the smear is an issue of press freedom.  Then, it's the moral equivalent of what Republicans have said about President Obama (no examples cited).  Next, the Tea Party isn't really an anti-tax movement, so Republicans are exploiting it to hold the country hostage.  And finally, this entire controversy is a distraction from more important issues, like how often Fox News "lies."  Try to keep up:


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