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Good news: OJ has finally found "the real killer!"  Surprise:

O.J. Simpson has reportedly admitted to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994. Simpson confessed to a producer for Oprah Winfrey, and he will reportedly repeat the confession to Winfrey during a televised interview. Several news outlets are citing the National Enquirer with breaking the news. The initial interview took place in prison, where Simpson is serving a nine-year sentence for kidnapping and robbery.

Simpson claimed he stabbed Nicole in self-defense. The former NFL running back and part-time movie star was acquitted after being charged for the murders of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman.


Ah, so he's moved from one lie (I didn't do it) to another (self defense?!).  Having been acquitted of the killings in criminal court, and subsequently nailed on a wrongful death suit in civil court, double jeopardy has attached and the case is over.  He has no legal reason to keep this *cough* "secret" any longer.  Is he coming (partially) clean because of a guilty conscience, is he seeking attention, or might he be getting paid to drop this revelation on a specific television show or network?


UPDATE:  This story appears to be a hoax.  The real killer's identity remains an impenetrable riddle.

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