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Is the media's fixation with 'Weinergate' a product of Americans' prurient interests, or is it a legitimate news story?  Is the "perv" (Weiner) fully to blame, or does the general public's "puritan"-inspired judgmental impulses deserve some criticism as well?  I discussed these questions on PJTV's Bottom Line with James Poulos in an interview taped prior to today's jaw-dropping spectacle:

Food for thought:  Over the last few years, a number of sitting political leaders have been embroiled in sex scandals.  Some have resigned; others have carried on. 

Resigned: Spitzer (D), Lee (R), Massa (D), Souder (R), McGreevey (D), Foley (R), Sanford (R)

Remained: Weiner (D), Craig (R), Vitter (R)

Is there any rhyme, reason, or explanatory pattern here?

UPDATE - I've added a pair of Republican Marks -- Sanford and Foley -- to the list above.

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