Rick Perry on White House Run: "I'm Gonna Think About It"

Posted: May 27, 2011 11:40 AM

Oh my.  Perhaps the GOP field isn't so "set" after all:

@JasonEmbry Perry just now: "I'm gonna think about it." regarding prez run.

The Perry whispers are about to ratchet up a few decibels.  I discussed a few of Perry's obvious strengths and drawbacks in a post last week:

On the plus side, Perry has an engaging personality, he's presided over a ruthlessly effective political operation in Texas, and has sufficient grassroots cred to avoid the 'establishment' label.  Above all else, his conservative policies have spurred robust economic and employment growth in the Lone Star state.  While most other states are drowning in red ink, Texas thrives.

Perry also comes with a few drawbacks.  His inner loose cannon discharged a few years back when he started provocatively hinting at secession, and -- as superficial as this may sound -- his speech pattern strongly resembles that of another recent Texas Governor-turned-President.  Are Americans ready to elect a man who sometimes sounds like he's perfecting a dead-on George W. Bush impression?

On balance, is this a guy conservatives would (or should) welcome to the race, if he jumps in?

UPDATE - According to a brand new CNN poll, the leader of the 2012 GOP field is....Rudy?