Oops: Tim Kaine Stumped on National Debt

Posted: May 11, 2011 1:06 PM
In today's episode of How To Stump A Democratic Senate Candidate, a tracker asks former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine where the national debt currently stands.  Kaine's answer was...not very good:

Set aside, for just a moment, the fact that Kaine is obviously unaware of the actual figure.  We'll come back to that.  The rest of his answer is just as bad: 

"It's sizable, yeah.  But I think we're going to get it down.  I think we will.  Growth.  And I expect that the Senate, uh, is gonna do some good things."

These are not the words of a man who seems to have anything coherent to say about debt reduction.  I love the throwaway, context-free invocation of the word "growth."  If Kaine is so confident that the Senate will do "some good things" to encourage growth, I assume he's strongly opposed to the Senate majority's plan to raise taxes on families and small businesses by $2 Trillion, right?

In Kaine's defense, he was -- until very recently -- the DNC Chairman, a position that doesn't really require its occupant to worry at all about the national debt.  Indeed, Kaine's task was to help elect people whose policies would explode that debt.  Mission Accomplished.  When Democrats took control of Congress and the federal purse-strings in 2007, when Kaine was still Governor, the national debt stood at an already-unacceptable $8.6 Trillion.  After four years of Reid/Pelosi (with Senator/President Obama there every step of the way), the current number stands at: Ta-Da!