Dumb: Middle School Student Suspended for Chivalry

Posted: Mar 02, 2011 6:42 PM
Ah, the foolish consequences of ill-conceived "zero tolerance" policies:

A Southampton Middle School student was suspended Thursday for opening an exterior door for a visitor.  “Students are not allowed to open the doors, and if anyone does, they will be suspended,” said Dr. Wayne K. Smith, executive director of administration and personnel.

A districtwide policy prohibiting students and staff from opening doors to the outside was recently adopted after a $10,800 security system was installed at the middle school...All of the schools’ doors are locked during the day. Visitors must ring a buzzer and look into a camera before office personnel can let them in...

According to an anonymous e-mail sent to The Tidewater News, the “A” student opened the door for a woman he knew, who had her hands full. The e-mail also indicated the student received a one-day, out-of-school suspension.

Turner said the policy that prohibits anyone from opening doors was part of making the security system work.  “If it happens, it’s defeated,” he said. “You have to have a system, and that system has to be consistent. We have to stay within the rules and stay secure.”

How silly.  If the anonymous student were to come forward, he would easily guarantee his 15 minutes of cable news fame -- which might make the one-day suspension worth it.