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Awesome Video: Wisconsin Assembly Republicans Pass Walker Bill, Democrats Erupt

Before you watch the clips below, consider the following facts:

- Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans campaigned in 2010 on making significant changes to public sector unions' benefits and collective bargaining agreements to help straighten out the state's (
very real) budget mess.  They won.

- As 14 Democratic State Senators remain holed up in Illinois, blocking a vote by refusing to do their jobs, the State Assembly -- also controlled by Republicans -- had been conducting a passionate debate over Governor Walker's controversial bill.  Following its introduction, the two parties sparred over the legislation for more than 60 hours, as Democrats mounted a de facto filibuster of sorts by introducing a cascade of amendments, most of which were defeated. 

- After this unprecedented period of open, round-the-clock debate (the "longest in memory"), majority Republicans called an immediate, surprise vote early Friday morning.  Sleep-deprived Democrats, many of them clad in orange "solidarity" t-shirts, didn't know what hit them.  The bill passed by a large margin, and victorious Republicans quietly filed out of the chamber.  Democrats and their union masters allies threw a prolonged, deafening tantrum.  They chanted "shame!" and one legislator threw papers and a beverage. 

Elections.  Consequences.  Go:

The Scorecard:

Wisconsin Assembly Republicans:  Fulfilling a campaign promise by winning an up-or-down vote, following an unprecedented period of consideration.

Wisconsin Assembly Democrats: Shrieking like stuck pigs after losing a vote in a chamber they failed to win in November.

Wisconsin Senate Democrats:  Still hiding out in pillow forts somewhere in another state in order to prevent a vote on a bill they don't like.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions about which party is populated with adults.

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