Left Talker: Gosh, I Wish I Could Make Rush Limbaugh Choke To Death On His Own Neck Fat

Posted: Jan 20, 2011 10:49 AM
It sure seems like quite a few liberals somehow missed all of those urgent civility memos last week.  (Warning - the only easy listening in this clip is the inexplicable six-second oasis of dead air within the first minute):

Life lessons from liberal talk radio superstar (?) Mike Malloy: Inflammatory Right-wing speech is unacceptable and dangerous because it "targets obscure government officials" and "demonizes them for working for social justice."  Hateful Left-wing rhetoric is justified and righteous because it accomplishes the crucial task of speaking truth to power to "mass killers" like Dick Cheney.  It all makes sense now.

Bonus idiocy:  Malloy calls the Tucson shootings "a bloodbath that was caused by Right-wing talk radio and television."  As even most liberals now reluctantly acknowledge, there is not one scintilla of evidence to support this indefensible lie, but it rolls right off his tongue with ease.  What a disgrace.

(h/t: Breitbart TV)