Classy: Seattle "Peace Activists" To Launch Anti-Israel Ad Campaign

Posted: Dec 23, 2010 12:49 PM
Never mind that Israel bends over backward to avoid civilian casualties, and that Hamas (you know, the terrorist organization that also happens to hold a majority in the Palestinian Parliament) deliberately uses women and children as human shields for purposes of propaganda.  Irrelevant! Seattle's relentless pursuers of "peace" know the truth:

Seattle peace activists are planning to post anti-Israel ads on the sides of local commuter buses protesting US support for the Jewish state, prompting outcry from Jewish groups.

The banners show Palestinian children standing around a demolished building, with the caption "Israeli war crimes: your tax dollars at work."

A group called the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign paid King County 1,794 dollars to plaster the ads on the sides of 12 buses starting Monday to coincide with the three-year anniversary of the start of Israel's war with Gaza.

The ads are due to run for four weeks.  In Seattle, the proposed bus ads have led to more than 2,000 calls and e-mails to the King County Department of Transportation -- most of them opposing the move -- according to spokesperson Linda Thielke

Intractable anti-Israel views and warped morality?  These folks would fit in nicely at the UN.