RGA Boasts New, Star-Studded Executive Committee

Posted: Dec 08, 2010 4:05 PM
The Republican Governor's Association, which has done a damn fine job over the past two years, has announced its new executive committee for 2011.  A word that comes to mind is formidable:

Chairman: Rick Perry, Texas
Vice Chairman: Bob McDonnell, Virginia
Gala Chairman: Bobby Jindal, Louisiana
Policy Chairman: Haley Barbour, Mississippi (Note: Barbour is the outgoing RGA Chairman)
Recruitment Chairman: Nikki Haley, South Carolina
At-Large: Susana Martinez, New Mexico
At-Large: Chris Christie, New Jersey

As I understand the succession process, Perry will chair the Association this year and oversee three gubernatorial contests (Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi), then Vice Chair Bob McDonnell will take the helm for the 2012 cycle.

Incidentally, while I was perusing the RGA's website, I ran across a terrific graphic that I felt compelled to share:

Parting Thought: Gov. Perry, kindly permit me a brief personal appeal: Whatever you do as chairman, please keep the epic pre-election youtube videos coming.  Those things are blog gold.