Feinstein on Boxer's Race: It's "Bad"

Posted: Oct 26, 2010 8:21 AM
California's popular senior senator, Diane Feinstein, is a good soldier.  Despite persistent whispers that she and her Golden State colleague don't get along especially well, Feinstein is taking one for the team and going through the motions of campaigning with Barbara Boxer.  That doesn't mean, however, that DiFi feels obligated overstate her optimism about Boxer's race:

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, in a candid off-camera moment just before a campaign event for her colleague Barbara Boxer in San Jose on Monday, was greeted by a reporter who asked how things are going.

Her answer: "Bad."

"In the House?" pressed KTVU political editor Randy Shandobil. Feinstein didn't elaborate...walking to her car after the event, Feinstein was asked about her "bad" comment and said, "I think the prevailing view, and I don't think this is necessarily correct, is that it's a very difficult time, there's no question about that."

I guess it's not just yours truly, the Fiorina campaign, and the NRSC who aren't buying the latest LA Times poll showing Senator Ma'am ahead by 8 points.  Welcome to the skeptics club, Sen. Feinstein!

UPDATE: A thoughtful comment from reader Bill:

"I give credit to Feinstein. As a cranky libertarian in California, I often write to my representatives. Feinstein is the only one who ever actually responds to my statements. Boxer always forwards a form letter--sometimes talking about items completely unrelated to my original complaint. I don't agree with Feinstein, but I always know how she reached her conclusion. "