Carly Fiorina Hospitalized

Posted: Oct 26, 2010 1:43 PM
Here's the official word from Team Carly:

"Carly learned more than a year and a half ago that she, like millions of women, had breast cancer. After successfully battling cancer, she had reconstructive surgery this summer and remains cancer free today. However, this morning Carly came down with an infection associated with the reconstructive surgery and, as a result, she was admitted to the hospital to receive antibiotics to treat this infection. While this will impact her campaign schedule today, Carly is upbeat and her doctors expect her to make a quick and full recovery and be back out on the campaign trail soon. Carly is looking forward to getting back to her full campaign schedule and to defeating Barbara Boxer on November 2."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Fiorina and her family.  We're pleased to hear that Fiorina's doctors expect her to make a speedy and full recovery.