Christine O'Donnell's Second Ad: "I Didn't Go To Yale"

Posted: Oct 08, 2010 9:06 AM
Soft lighting, soft music, soft sell....again:

This time around, in addition to the dark background and syrupy music, O'Donnell sprinkles in a little anti-elitism and class envy for good measure.  I think NRO's Jim Geraghty captures my thoughts on this spot quite nicely:

O’Donnell begins, “I didn’t go to Yale.” Er, no, but she’s been accused of serially misrepresenting her education record. She continues, “I didn’t inherit millions, like my opponent.” Besides the slight dollop of envy it suggests, it’s a poor defense to the accusations of stiffing former employees. Again, if the aim is to make the race about what’s happening in Washington or what Chris Coons would do in office, turn to those issues a bit quicker — Election Day is in less than four weeks!

Unlike Jim, I'd have no quarrel with an "I'm you" ad series stretching through much of October.  Coupled with a parallel, issues-based air campaign, I think it could be a very effective strategy for O'Donnell.  I do, however, share Jim's discomfort with watching a conservative attack her opponent over his wealth.  This tactic is equally off-putting when it's employed by Senator M'am against Carly Fiorina.  And what's wrong with Yale?  Sure, some insufferable Lefty elites went there, but so did William F. Buckley, Clarence Thomas, the 'Stache, and--er--Joe Miller

Moving forward, I'd prefer to see much less populist rabble-rousing from Team O'D, and a much greater focus on economic issues--which could scorch Coons.  Surely that doesn't make me a Yalie* elitist RINO, does it?

*But only by extension; my grandfather attended Yale.