Democrat Loretta Sanchez Compares US Border Fence to Berlin Wall

Posted: Oct 06, 2010 1:39 PM
Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) is a busy lady.  When she isn't appearing on Univision to warn Hispanic viewers about a nefarious "Vietnamese" scheme to "take away" her House seat (her Republican opponent, Van Tran, is of Vietnamese provenance), she's bragging to audiences about her "unwritten power" to impede construction of a fence along our southern border--which she compares to the Berlin wall:

The clip featured in the ad, which was apparently produced by a Tran supporter (not the campaign), comes from a speech Sanchez delivered in 2008.  Voters may be curious: In what ways do American border security enforcement efforts remind the Congresswoman of the monument to totalitarianism and oppression erected by the Soviet empire decades ago?  Perhaps Ms. Sanchez can "clarify" and walk back these remarks, just as she was forced to do after the media started noticing her televised race-baiting. 

Bonus question: Isn't it reassuring to know that this tireless defender of America's national sovereignty sits on the House subcommittee that deals with border issues?

(h/t: Red County's Matthew Cunningham)