Heh: Manchin Cuts Ad Touting Mine Safety...At Unsafe Mine

Posted: Sep 24, 2010 3:53 PM
First, here's Manchin's attack ad against Republican John Raese:

And here's the punchline:

United Mine Workers of American President Cecil Roberts backed Gov. Joe Manchin's Senate campaign this week, appearing in an ad with Manchin that was shot at a mine with a history of safety problems.

Part of the mine, Patriot's Federal No. 2 mine in Monongalia County, was shut down earlier this month for having explosively high levels of methane.

The mine has also been the subject of a criminal investigation. A foreman there admitted to falsifying methane-testing records.

Between this SNAFU and unfavorable recent polling, it's no surprise that Manchin is flailing for a new narrative.   West Virginians love their Governor, but want Republicans to control Congress.  Electing John Raese, therefore, is a win/win:  West Virginia gets a Senator who won't serve as an Obama rubber-stamp, and Joe Manchin can remain in Charleston--where he can work to improve mine safety so that next time he wants to use that issue to bludgeon a political opponent, he won't end up embarrassing himself.

UPDATE: Enter the NRSC.

The  National Republican Senatorial Committee is spending $1,199,420 on this ad against Gov. Joe Manchin, Democratic candidate for Senate in West Virginia.

I'm no expert on West Virginia media buys, but ~$1.2M probably goes a long way in the Mountain State.