NY Gov: Cuomo Invents Past Support of Bloomberg, Lands Bloomberg Endorsement

Posted: Sep 23, 2010 10:31 AM
In the latest episode of the greatest soap opera in politics, Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) gets caught re-handed in a complete lie, and his aides try to clean up the mess:

Mr. Cuomo said Wednesday that he admired Mr. Bloomberg and had voted for him in the past; an aide to Mr. Cuomo, after conferring with the candidate, later said he had not. Mr. Cuomo endorsed the mayor's opponents in 2005 and 2009.

Mr. Cuomo sealed the endorsement deal with Mr. Bloomberg during a meeting at Gracie Mansion two weeks ago, where the mayor was impressed with Mr. Cuomo's policy agenda, a Bloomberg aide said.

Mr. Paladino's campaign manager quickly pounced on the Cuomo-Bloomberg partnership, pointing out that both men supported the building of a mosque and Islamic cultural center near the World Trade Center.

Mr. Paladino opposes building the mosque at that location. He also has spoken out against the mayor overturning term limits in pursuit of a third term.

But what a valuable endorsement for Cuomo, no?  With Bloomberg on board, he'll undoubtedly lock down the coveted 'New-Yorkers-Who-Love-Being-Lectured-About-How-Intolerant-They-Are' demographic.

As Carol wrote last night, Cuomo and Bloomberg are peas in a ruling elite pod, and the endorsement may not ultimately benefit either of them.